VR Warehouse Inspection Training


About RK Environmental

RK Environmental Services provides pest management and food safety solutions to food, pharmaceutical, and related industries. It provides facility audits, pest management, inspection, and maintenance services to their clients, including top brands like Pepsico.

Their Challenge

RKE’s success has come from its commitment to provide unmatched customer service backed by their three-decades of experience and expert knowledge. As the company grows, it needed a reliable, replicable way to onboard new employees but maintain the same quality standard of training. Always on the cutting edge, RKE began researching ways technology could help improve its training.

Our Solution

Virtual reality provides powerful capabilities for companies looking to innovate and standardize their training. VR training has a retention rate of 75%, beating out lectures (5%), reading (10%), and audio-visual learning (20%) (FrontCore, 2020). With those kinds of results, it’s no mystery as to why a company looking to improve their training would invest in VR.

Saritasa worked closely with RK Environmental Services to design a virtual warehouse environment to train employees on identifying problem areas. The experience allows employees to learn about potential safety and pest hazards in a safe, yet immersive environment.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Realistic 3D Environment

Our team built a custom warehouse environment that scales approximately 22,500 square feet, spanning both inside and outside the facility. This large warehouse contains both custom elements designed and built by our internal 3D design team, alongside optimized assets. The graphics were optimized to create as realistic an experience as possible.

Health & Safety Training

The goal of the experience is for trainees to identify Corrections in the warehouse. Corrections are items and/or areas that violate either a food safety code or may contribute to pest problems and need to be corrected. For example, if a pallet with allergens is in a non-allergen isle, it is a health hazard that needs to be corrected by moving the pallet.

Real-Time Score Keeping

Once a trainee identifies a correction, they are given a multiple choice question asking how to correct the hazard. They are then told whether their answer was correct, and have a visual tally of their correct and incorrect responses along with a timer. A voice over explains the proper remediation strategy. The trainee’s goal is to identify as many Corrections and their remediations as they can within the time limit.

Unity Development

The entire platform was built on Unity by our expert team of 3D designers and developers for the Pico Neo headset. The Pico Neo headset provided the optimal balance between affordability, flexibility and quality for the training experience.

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