ZinCasa iBuyer Real Estate Platform


About Zincasa

ZinCasa, an early-stage startup, steps in as a turnkey iBuyer solution for brokers and agents. Their white-labeled platform empowers agents to compete effectively, offering clients the flexibility to choose between traditional listing and Instant Offer methods.



Saritasa has been fantastic. Their entire team has understood and taken ownership of the project, providing good feedback and input to continuously improve the platform rather than just sitting back and doing what they’re told. They’ve been very forthcoming and Chris, in particular, has been very responsive and has constantly kept me up to date.

Terry LeClairCEO of ZinCasa

Their Challenge

House flipping has exploded in recent years. Buyers offer a seller cash, typically slightly below market value, and then refurbish the home and “flip” it back on the market for a profit. This rise in popularity has led to Venture-backed iBuyers (aka Instant Buyers) flooding the market with cash offers directly to sellers, replacing the traditional real estate model and cutting agents out of the equation. Real estate agents face more competition than ever before to find and retain their clients.

Terry LeClair and his team of seasoned real estate professionals saw a need for an agent-centric solution to compete with the growing prevalence of iBuyers in the market. Enter ZinCasa, a platform with a mission to protect and strengthen traditional real estate agents and companies to compete with new and emerging market threats.

Our Solution

Terry and his team understood the challenges in their market but needed a technical team to help define and build the platform. That’s where Saritasa came in.

Our team worked directly with ZinCasa to define their requirements and then design and develop a white-label iBuyer solution for agents. Realtors create their own sites to market themselves and collect information from potential clients. They have the option to give their clients an instant cash offer or go the traditional sales route. In the backend, ZinCasa tracks and manages the entire process – from listing to offer to sale to flip to resale. It’s an all-in-one tool for agents to help agents remain at the center of the real estate process.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Product Plan

When ZinCasa came to our team, they had an idea but needed help defining the platform. We worked with them to understand the challenge and craft a solution. Our expert Product Engineers went through a robust planning process including a deep dive into business-logic process analysis, strategic product planning, identifying differentiators and technical limitations, and engineering a product to meet a budget. The end result was a highly-detailed Product Scope which we used to design and develop the actual platform.

White-Labeled Agent Sites

ZinCasa focuses on the agents, not the consumers. It’s a first-of-its-kind platform for real estate agents to manage their own, personally branded white-labeled website. The site acts as both a marketing and data collection tool. Potential sellers fill out a questionnaire about their home and receive an Instant Cash Offer for their home in 24-48 hours. Or they have the option of selling via the traditional listing route.

All-In-One Agent Platform

ZinCasa’s mission is to help real estate professionals compete in an evolving marketplace. To do so, they offer a full-service suite of tools to agents, from management to content creation and even educational tools. The backend management dashboard, Zinbox, allows agents to streamline their processes and access all their potential client information in one place. ZinCasa doesn’t just help with process management either – it also offers educational resources through their Zinstitute portal and marketing materials in their DZign Studio.

Backend Management

When a seller accepts an Instant Offer, ZinCasa’s backend tracks the entire buying, renovations, and then re-sale process. From managing paperwork to automating notifications, to tracking home inspections and repairs, to listing the updated home. All renovations and repairs are tracked in the Z-Box, making accounting and profit analysis easy. Through it all, the agent stays tied to the property. Once the flipped home is ready, the agent represents the new listing for a traditional sales process.

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