ZUG Monster Sticker Application


About Zug Monster

Zug Monster is an online printing shop that manufactures custom stickers, decals, signs, magnets, and more for their customers. Known for its quality and customer service, Zug Monster strives to constantly improve and provide the optimal experience for its clients.



Their Challenge

Zug Monster’s customers’ designs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are simple circles and squares, while others contain more complex shapes like bat wings or logos. As all their orders are custom designs, they manually traced each image to provide previews to their customers.

Our Solution

Zug Monster came to Saritasa looking for a way to automate the image-editing process to cut down manual labor and provide a better experience to their customers. Our team suggested building a machine-learning custom outlining tool integrated directly into their site that processes customers’ images instantly.

The result provides product previews directly on the website, without the need to wait for an employee to trace the sticker shape manually.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Shopify Integration

Zug Monster is based on Shopify, so we built the custom outlining tool as a Shopify app that integrates directly into their site. Because of this experience, our team is now familiar with the process of creating custom Shopify plugins.

Machine Learning

The goal behind creating a machine-learning custom sticker outlining tool was to make the process sustainable and accurate. With machine learning, the software improves over time, learning from each new image uploaded on the platform. Users are able to increase the size of the borders and even change background colors.

Process Automation

Customers upload a PNG of the image they want to be printed. Previously, Zug Monster employees would have to manually edit these images and make a border around the main image to ensure it stood out. Now, the Shopify app handles that entire process. Users can preview their images directly on the website within seconds, and then check out.

Admin User Interface

In the backend, admins have access to export images from orders. The user can select a timeframe and bulk export the images from Shopify for printing.

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