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Saritasa is pleased to announce the completion of the Conference Connector, a SaaS iOS application developed for TIP Medical Communications. Developed for both large and small conference gatherings, Conference Connector utilizes a cloud-based content management system (CMS) which centralizes conference information and allows administrators to manage, make updates, and send notifications to users in real-time.


Customizable Features

Each component of the Conference Connector iOS app is fully configurable, allowing registered administrators an array of customizable features to fit the needs of each conference size and type. The app provides conference attendees with access to a virtual concierge through which they can get information about local services, places of interest, and create personal agendas for their stay.

Cloud Computing

The Conference Connector provides a scalable, cloud-based solution with advanced information storage and reporting capabilities to meet the needs of administrators organizing large conferences. The iOS app provides a paperless solution which facilitates immediate changes to information if needed and eliminates the burden of keeping and updating multiple hard copies.

Content Management System

The Conference Connector content management system (CMS) provides administrators with an easy platform to organize and control their conference content and details. Registered administrators can manage information regarding program agendas, schedules, venues, speakers, and more to help meet the needs of their team.

Push Notifications & Live Feeds

Updates made by administrators in the Conference Connector database are immediately saved and sent to the Conference Connector iOS app which uses real-time push notifications to inform users of the new updates. A live conference feed streamed to the Conference Connector app also helps to ensure users are kept up-to-date on the most current information.

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