About Momentum Textiles

Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering holds the distinction of being the leading supplier of textiles and wallcoverings in the commercial interiors sector. Over a decade, their journey toward achieving 100% reduced environmental impact for all upholsteries has been marked by significant milestones, including receiving the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award in 2016.



Their Challenge

In the fabric industry, a mobile application was needed to provide better methods of organizing and facilitating the purchasing of swatches from vendors and distributors nationwide.

Our Solution

Our team of developers worked with Momentum Textiles to develop an image-rich application system that would allow their clients to search, browse and purchase with ease.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Objective C Language

As experts in Objective C programming, Apple’s native language for iOS development, our development team delivered a finished 5Clicks app that is both advanced in functionality and user-friendly. We worked through a collaborative effort with the client during the entire project; they provided designs and the API, and our team developed the application. Working from a consultative approach creates projects that run smoothly and a product solution that the client is very happy with.

API Integration

Before the iOS app was created, the client had an existing web application in place that operated similarly. Our developers integrated the existing API from the web application to the iOS app. With the client’s API already in place, our developers worked with the current UI (user interface) and design. They also assisted in programming the product specs, the shopping cart, and shipping information to flow smoothly and maintain secure information.

Textile Selections

Within in the application, a user can select the manufacturer, fabric application, furniture model, grade of fabric, length of fabric, and even the total number of furniture pieces they are shopping for. Once that information has been gathered, the SKUs are given to the user. SKU, or Stock Keeping Unit, is a way for manufacturers and vendors to manage an accurate count on what they have in their inventory. The pieces on hand that fit the description that was input by the user become visible as a thumbnail in the app. There is also a Refine Search option, with selections available in Type, Style, and Color. A strong benefit of the 5Clicks app is all fabrics are pre-approved, in stock and updated in real-time.

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