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Whether you need a new build or support on an existing project, our experienced Android developers have the skill and knowledge to deliver long-lasting results.

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We offer decades of Android development experience across a wide variety of projects. Let us handle your development needs, so you can focus on what matters most - your business.

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The Saritasa Difference

Why choose Saritasa as your Android development company?

For businesses to make the most of technology, they require an expert's calm and knowing hand. A committed partnership to illuminate the most efficient and beneficial path to success. That’s where Saritasa comes in.


We Believe in Mutual Success

We care about successful customers, fulfilled employees, and useful solutions. Everything we do is intended to find the right balance of outcomes for the common benefit of all.

We Solve Problems

We are a team of driven experts, from developers to designers to engineers and beyond. We are passionately committed to wrestling with the most complex business problems and applying technology systematically to solve them.

We Value Partnerships Over Projects

We don’t take a transactional approach to our engagements. Rather, we foster personalized relationships built on trust and the perpetual delivery of benefits over time.

We Build It, You Own It.

It’s that simple. Once we finish development, we pass over the complete source code so that your project is yours – no fees or strings attached. Whether you want to continue working with us for maintenance and updates or take the project internally is up to you.

We Believe Trust is Earned

Our company is built on long-term partnerships, which means that we want to earn your trust and keep it. We do this through our commitment to absolute transparency, accountability, and reliability.


The Android development lifecycle

DevOps processes operate in a continuous loop, each phase feeding into the next to provide maximum quality results in the shortest possible time.

Plan: The planning phase sets the stage for the rest of the process. Key stakeholders determine what features, enhancements, and bug fixes to prioritize.

Plan: The planning phase sets the stage for the rest of the process. Key stakeholders determine what features, enhancements, and bug fixes to prioritize.

Code: Developers get to work writing new code, reviewing old code, and following the practice of continuous integration by merging code into a central repository.

Build: Continuing the practice of continuous integration, automated tools transfer small chunks of code into a binary artifact for testing.

Test: Through a combination of automated and manual testing, QA & key stakeholders identify and eliminate any potential bugs.

Release: Here, the process transitions from development to operations as the application is prepared for deployment.

Deploy: Continuous deployment practices help automate the integration of the code changes into production (aka bringing the updates live).

Operate: The operations team manages and scales the infrastructure as needed, is responsible for minimizing downtime, and manages resources.

Monitor: Both development and operations work in parallel to ensure system performance, monitor user experience, and improve future processes.

Empower your development with expert Android developers

You deserve the best - which is why we only hire and retain the best of the best and hold our team to the highest standards. Our Android developers are passionate about technology and life-long learners dedicated to exceeding expectations.


Benefits of Android development

Kotlin is an object-oriented programing language with a thriving development community - which means your Kotlin code will be supported for decades to come. Time-tested, flexible, and user-friendly, Kotlin is the preferred coding language for Android app development

Native experiences on Android

Native experiences on Android

Cross-platform compatibility

Cross-platform compatibility

Extremely Efficient Coding

Extremely efficient coding

Large, active Development Community

Large, active development community

Highly detailed inline code documentation

Highly detailed inline code documentation

Code consistency through the use of linters

Code consistency through the use of linters

ERD DB schema and UML diagrams

ERD DB schema and UML diagrams

Highly secure network managed by in-house DevOps

Highly secure network managed by in-house DevOps

Detailed and files

Detailed and files


A focus on quality

We LOVE beautiful, well-organized, abstracted, and layered code. We do not create code that “just works” – we create code that grows with you and is easy to maintain and expand. Our code is a representation of us, which is why we never deliver anything but the best.

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At our core, we are a team of passionate, driven professionals inspired by the infinite potential of technology. Hear what Saritasa is all about from our CEO and Founder, Nik Froehlich.

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